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Put in the Work

Put in the work

Put in the work

Life is funny then it’s not so funny then its funny again. Being an artist can be fun and then at times not so fun. Theres ebb and flow. I’ve noticed that it’s not so fun when I fall into a wave of thinking that awesome things will just happen by themselves. I can just sit there and watch amazingness pop out of nowhere, but I’m always waiting for it, dreaming about it. I confess, I have been a lazy artist. Instead of putting in the work, I end up believing all the excuses my mind can come up with on why I need to put this project off or wait till friday to start that project… then the ideas fade and nothing happens.




Anyways. My latest 2 and 1/2 year excuse for not running after my dreams was because I’m married, have 2 kids under 3 years old and I’ve got an 8-5 job only for the money. Well, my wife is insanely supportive of the artist and free spirit in me, my kids are just awesome and I do want to spend as much time with them as possible which I need to do in the evenings and on the weekends, my job- its serving its purpose by paying some bills. So I have no excuses for what is actually just straight up laziness.

This morning I woke up at 5am, was at Starbucks working on art from 5:30-7am. My new creative schedual booster. Instead of waiting for inspiration. Create it. You guys feel me?

zachariahdh - So, as always I must respond with a quote:

“The harder I work, the luckier I get”
Samuel Goldwyn

Anyway, yes, it is all about the work. No artist always wants to do whatever it is their art is, but we have to. We are driven, we do not drive. We are mad, in a way. So we fight it, but we always end up with pencil/pen/brush/instrument/hammer/whatever eventually. Sometimes it takes years, but that is life. Sometimes we cut off our ears, or go homeless, or leave the country, or raise a family, but it is all a process of getting to the place that we are going. It is always a different journey, but it won’t end, and it is hard.

es muss sein

jarrod - so true man.

anyone else feel this? how do you rise above the resistance?

bryce - By the way, read this a while ago and I really echo some of your thoughts. As an artist, for some reason, it is easy to put in the minimal work and then have this sense of entitlement almost, like ‘Hey, it’s me. The starving artist. I’m doing some work. Why am I not being recognized for this?’ But if it was easy to be great at art, there would be many more artists. You know? I think it’s easy to be good, right? I mean, it doesn’t take much. Lots of people can be good at something, but there is a drive in artists because they want to stand out. They want their art to be life-long, universal, touching a strain in the human existence which speaks to all of us. So it is necessary to make your life all about art. That means having an unwavering commitment to something that at first–and perhaps always–people will think you are crazy for having. That’s one of the biggest sacrifices of the artist I think, those people who will never understand the drive to create, they are way too logical for us, but aren’t we logical too? Many would say no, but following art is logical. It’s our love. We would be dead inside if we didn’t.

jarrod - :)

Start Polaroid ing – 1 of 2

Polaroid SX-70

Polaroid SX-70

It was about 2 years ago when I looked at this old Polaroid camera that I had chillin on my shelf (because it looked really cool) and began to wonder if I could actually use it. So I jumped on Ebay and found some film for it. Boom. My life changed! No joke. From there I did a bit of research on cameras and came across the Polaroid SX-70 (Pictured above taken with an SX-70 on Polaroid 600 film). This is the tightest polaroid camera you’ll find, it shoots integral film which is the classic white boardered film that pops out of the noisy camera after the shutter is released. Seriously now is the time to jump on Ebay and find one for youself. Look for a folding model and anything BUT the Model 3’s. You’ll get the best quality images from these cams and they are SLRs so you get some awesome manual focusing abilities!

Here are some links to some awesome film :::

Unique film: PX100, PX600, Artistic TZ

For some classic Polaroid 600

*For using the PX600 or Polaroid 600 film with an SX-70 you’ll need an ND filter.

Get into it! If you already are then drop a comment to tell everyone how awesome it is!

Got another post coming up covering some aspects of going with peel apart film and cameras.

Karen - I’m having a lot of fun reviving some of my Polaroid cameras – I just posted something myself last night about one of my packfilm cameras. I recommend to anyone who has a Polaroid cam to get it off the shelf and start using it!

Great stuff here, I enjoy visiting your blog – looking forward to what you post about the peel-apart films/cams.

Jason - I’ve been wanting to make the jump and get one. What exactly does the ND filter do, and is it necessary?

jarrod - A Neutral Density Filter (ND) will cut down the light that hits the film…. The SX-70 is made to use ~100iso so if you want to use 600 speed film (which is readily available on ebay and a couple websites), you’ll need about 2 stops of light cut from the exposure. Thats what an ND filter will do :)

Find your mustache

Simple Mustache Classification

Simple Mustache Classification

The Mustache. I’ve tried it several times. A couple times a year I’ll let my beard grow out for a few months. After it gets really burley I’ll shave it off and try a few ‘stache styles. I’ll usually start off with a crazy looking bushy Fu Manchu that ends up looking ridiculous on me and so I’ll trim it up to something classic like the Walrus but that really doesn’t fit my face so I’ll thin that down to the Cheveron which ends up looking really creepy so I finally end up with the Toothbrush but I look like a Hitler follower, not cool. Back to a clean face.

This time around I while I was growing the beard a good friend of mine grew a ‘stache that fit him perfectly, not creepy, not ridiculous. Classic. That made me start thinking that maybe there is a style that will fit my face so I while my beard was growing I didn’t touch it, never trimmed it and each day combed the ‘stache hair off to the sides. Slowly but surely I had a nice Handlebar Mustache on its way to fruition and I was super stoked about it!

Mustache Supplies

Mustache Supplies

I picked up a little pair of grooming scissors along with a mustache comb and some wax. From here on out its just up keep and teaching the hair to grow the way I want it too! The wax (or even AXE paste) comes in handy and can tame stray hairs and help get good form and shape. I totally recommend you try to find your mustache. I’m pretty sure everyone has one that works and when it does its hands down the most amazing thing:) haha! Let me know if you sport one!

Mustache on Fade To Black Polaroid Film

Mustache on Fade To Black Polaroid Film

Zachariah Hunt - Dude, yes, I want to be Hook. Or Salvador Dali. I tried the Hitler, but it didn’t work out so well. Really I want the handlebar, “A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”.

jarrod - word