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Aaron & Jen gonna get married ¬

Aaron & Jen engagement photos denver colorado

So these folks are getting married. They are young and full of love and fun. We met up for a short little photo session in Denver. They were clear they didnt want anything cliche regarding their photos… no standing in front of brick walls a few feet apart holding hands looking all serious… I tried to stay away from that I guess although I put them in kind of a brick wall tunnel.

They laugh a lot. I like that.


Polaroid 195 w/ Fuji 3000b & ID-UV — Mamiya RZ67proii w/Portra160 & TriX — Contax G2 w/TriX



Sachin Khona - Awesome session! Love it!

Jarrod Renaud - thanks!

Jay Louis of Tinman Provisions ¬

Jay Louis Tinman Provisions - polaroid portrait by Jarrod Reno Renaud

Jay Lois of Tinman Provisions. You know when you come across someone more than once and each time in a way you’re drawn to them? You feel like you should talk to them? That was how it was when I started frequenting Happy Coffee in Denver. Jay was a barista there and besides pulling seriously good espresso I started seeing him pop up on friends instagram feeds and whatnot. I caught on to the fact that the dude seemed to be making items out of textile and leather. This intrigued me a bit further and finally we connect with a handshake and some lunch. Soon after I realized I wanted Jay to be a part of a small project I’m working on of photographing local artists/craftsmen(women) who are pouring themselves into what they love.

So I spent an afternoon in his shop while he started on a selvedge denim shop apron for myself in fact. It’s great to see the process of something being made… sketches to rough cuts to finishing details. Ideas coming to completion seem to only birth new ideas and lead into more experiences, more journeys. I love that.

So here are some photos from that time spent with Jay, who graciously taught me some of his crafty ways.


Mamiya RZ67proii Kodak Portra160 – Polaroid 195 w/ID-UV & FujiFilm FP3000b – 5dmkiii – Film processing done by Indie Film Lab


Jay Louis Timman Provisions Denver ColoradoDenver Boulder editorial Photography
Jay Louis Timman Provisions Denver Colorado

Jay Louis Craftsman Portrait

Ashley E. Moore - Great photos! That work space looks amazing and these portraits really show it off and show the skill and care put into these pieces.

Jarrod Renaud - thank you!

Alexandra Silva - Lindas fotografias

The Ulmers ¬

the ulmers - colorado family photography on polaroidThe Ulmers.  I met Josh in real life last fall after admiring each others work online for a while. I was in Nashville for some work and it was one of those awesome times of internet friends becoming real friends. We enjoyed a cup or two of coffee one beautiful Tennessee morning and quickly found out that we were somewhat twins separated at birth or something of the sort. Our lives line up in pretty amazing ways even down to how we prepare and eat our oatmeal, kinda weird, but awesome. Anyways… their family wanted to take a road trip this spring and headed west to Colorado. We had the honor and blessing to have them stay at our home for about a week. There was a bit of everything that week… a late spring snow or two, happy kids, sick and cranky kids, late night hang outs and hiking in the snow.

So grateful for their friendship. Josh has been one of the most encouraging and enabling people in my life since we met.

the ulmers - family photos - colorado film & polaroidthe ulmers - family photos - colorado polaroid

Josh Ulmer - Love the images and love you bro! So thankful for the twin I never knew I had! Can’t wait for our next hang time!

Chris Kale - This is an Amazing post! Love every shot.

Jarrod Renaud - thanks man!