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Alec Vanderbooooooooom ¬

Mr. Alec Vanderboom has been one of my favorite wedding photographers for a few years now. He was one of the first photographers I found while I was getting into the art myself. Finally had the honor of meeting the man a couple months back while he was in Colorado for the Dont Give Up Project (which I hear is pretty amzing). Anyways… it’s always good to meet people that you only know from internet interactions. I tell you what, this dude has all the greatest animated GIF links up his sleeves.


Mamiya RZ67proii 65mm w/kodak portra 160


Alec Vanderboom - BULLY!

Jarrod Renaud - I am. I really am. Sometimes I cry in the dark corners of my bedroom about how big a bully I am. Ashamed so ashamed. Yet I bully on.

Zach & Dana’s Colorado Springs Wedding ¬


Colorado Film Wedding Photography 101

“Oscar Wilde said, “No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.”  An artist must apply their imagination to the world, and create something that is not the world.  They create something that is a representation of the inward.  The inward being many things, truth, emotion, being, story, or whatever you would like to put here.  What they must create is an outward representation of that.  How do you create something that by its very definition must be an outward reflection of an inward truth/being/story/emotion?  How can the outer represent the inner when it doesn’t in life? 

The answer is the imagination.  The form may change, photography, writing, painting, tight-rope walking, or dancing.  These can escape into the world of art, these can transcend their natural outer states and suddenly break into the mysterious inward life, but this can only happen through the imagination.  An artist must have a powerful imagination, few have, fewer use it, and those few often seem as cursed as they are gifted.  Seeing the inward everywhere makes for a busy mind, but the out pour can be glorious.

I say all this to say that Jarrod has achieved this.  He saw the inward life at my wedding, the emotion, the joy, the tears in some cases, but that is all normal.  He also saw my own mixed reaction.  In my pictures I see that I am struggling to be there and to feel every moment while knowing that I am losing each one in a way.  How I felt as I always do, connected, but not fully.  Like Nick in The Great Gatsby who feels as if he always has one foot out in the hall.  I’m not saying I am not completely devoted to my wife or my marriage, I am, I am saying that my inward being is far more complex than the outer would seem.”

Above are some of the words I received from the groom Zach after delivering their wedding photos. He’s a writer and a most creative mind and after spending the day with him and his bride, investing both artistically and emotionally into the day I realized that something ‘clicked’ for me. It was bred from the fact that Zach and Dana told me I had 100% creative freedom, that I could do what I want and capture what I see. There wasn’t any expectations, this is an amazing place to be as an artist. Creative freedom can erase self-doubt which then just catapults an artist. Well, I wanted to hear some of Zach and Dana’s perspective and with Zach being a writer he sent back a short story on what it was like from their perspective. An artist is constantly trying to find his or her self/voice and I wanted to hear some outside perspective. In all honesty his words brought me to tears as I realized I was able to give them art which in a way was life changing just a bit. It helped me align and put into words what I try to do at weddings. Yeah, I get that the venue and the details that go into a wedding are important and I appreciate that, heck I’m a visual artist, I enjoy seeing things that look good but at heart I care so much more about the moments. I want to capture what someone feels on their wedding day. Soo….

It was beyond an honor to have been trusted to photograph his and Dana’s wedding day and so here are a few frames, I’ll have the whole wedding posted soon on a new wedding site.


Mamiya RZ67 – Contax G2 – Polaroid 195 – Polaroid SX70

Kodak Portra 160, 400 – Kodak TriX400 – Fuji FP100c – FujiFP3000b – Impossible Project PX70

Film scanned by Indie Film Lab


Zachariah Hunt - Thank you so much, Jarrod, an honor to have you shoot my wedding.

Anthony Thornton - Great work. Again!

Jarrod Renaud - thanks man!

Micah Scott Mirimanian - I troll your work often, and the last shot of the bride and groom between the two cars takes the cake. In my mind I would think, “this is a horrible place for a portrait,” oh the magic of photography.

Mark Nava ¬

I’ve had the chance to hang with Mr. Mark Nava a couple of times lately. I tell you what, it is such a blessing to meet men who are pursuing truth in their lives and this is one of them. Just spending a couple hours with him over some coffee I feel sort of shepherded in a sense. The maturity of his faith in Jesus is inspiring and contagious as it is so transparent. This is something I yearn for, I can so quickly build up walls when it comes to relating to people in a spiritual sense, sometimes it makes me uncomfortable to share deep parts of my heart, my dreams, my doubts. It takes practice, it’s a way of life and I want to take part.


Polaroid 195 w/Polaroid ID-UV film

Tracey Morris - Just discovered you on Instagram. Popped over here. Your words in this post are perfect. It’s amazing to me to see how God uses other people to encourage us along our own path. Blessings to you. Oh, and what amazing gifts and talents you have. Seeing your wood work and photos is inspiring and encouraging enough.

Jarrod Renaud - Thanks so much for your words, means a lot :)